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When a passenger vehicle collides with a commercial truck, some aspects are the same as with any other collision while some differ. After all, a semi or big rig is significantly larger than a passenger vehicle, and that means injury is more likely—and more likely to be very serious.

Why a Trucking Accident Is a Big Deal

When a large vehicle hits a smaller one, it’s a good bet that the smaller vehicle will lose and lose big. In a trucking accident, the passengers in the car or passenger truck are at a higher risk of incurring permanent injury, much more so than in accidents involving two passenger vehicles. Thankfully, in 2015 statistics compiled by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration, only 1% of accidents involving commercial trucks resulted in death, and 20% resulted in injury. If you are part of those statistics, however, your injury needs to be addressed.

Higher Risk Means Higher Compensation

Commercial vehicles usually carry higher insurance limits than passenger vehicles. That means there is more money available to cover your medical bills and personal property damage. Unfortunately, if you rely on your insurance company to get that compensation, you are probably doing yourself a disservice. Working with a personal injury attorney who understands how the system works is your best bet to gain a settlement that’s appropriate.

How a Personal Injury Attorney Helps

When you retain me as the attorney to take on your case, you’re also getting years of experience. I know exactly what to expect when it comes to a trucking accident, and I will fight for you. Perhaps we will get a settlement through the insurance company, or perhaps we’ll need to take the case to court; either way, you have my 100% commitment.

Remember that hiring a personal injury attorney never costs you anything until and unless the case settles. At that point, my fee is a percentage of the settlement. Contact me at 602-395-0045.

I review each case individually, and I advocate for you in negotiations and, if necessary, in court. Contact me now.

Personal Injury

As a personal injury attorney with 50 years’ experience, I specialize in helping and fighting for clients who have suffered personal injuries.

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The best time to start working on your case is when information is fresh in your mind and before you have made any arrangements with your insurance company.

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