Personal injury can result in a sore neck or back, recurring headaches or it can be a more serious injury, requiring a hospital stay, surgery or on-going medical treatments.

Drunk Driver DUIThe cause of the injury can be a bicycle accident, motorcycle, trucking or auto accident in which you were the driver or passenger. It can occur by the negligence, recklessness or ill-intent by another person. If you have these types of injuries, you may be entitled to compensation.

To receive fair payment for your injury, you need a personal injury attorney with trial experience. When you retain me as your attorney, you’ll get 39 years of experience and a winning record as a trial attorney.

I’ll handle your claim for injuries and will work to get you compensated for your damaged vehicle. This includes repairs, compensation for the diminished value or total loss of your auto and reimbursement for rental cars. If we’re unable to file for property loss, we will include the value in your personal injury claim.

I do not charge a fee for property damage payments.

If you have medical payment benefits through your own automobile insurance policy, I make sure that the claim is property presented and paid at no additional fee to you.

If you’d like a free evaluation on your personal injury claim, please call 602-395-0045 and I’ll be glad to give you my professional opinion. There is no cost for your first consultation.

Types of personal injury cases I specialize in: