Your case is in good hands when you retain me as your attorney. Because I have 40 years of practicing personal injury law, I have the experience to make recommendations about what actions are best for you. I will act on your behalf by negotiating a settlement or arguing your case in Superior Court, whichever gives you the best possible outcome.

You will be involved every step of the way—I will not move to settle or file a lawsuit without a thorough discussion with you.

Nothing is better than experience in determining which strategy results in the best compensation before a Superior Court or across a negotiation table. If you are a victim of an injury-accident, call me at 602-395-0045 for a no-cost consultation and I’ll explain how I’ll put 39-years of experience to work for you.

Your Interests are Always First on my Mind

I was admitted to the Arizona Bar and California Bar Associations in 1970. Since January 1981, I have focused my practice on personal injury cases, specializing in representing victims of automobile accidents. When I refer to “automobile,” it means truck, car and bicycle accidents. The injured party can be an occupant of the vehicle or a pedestrian.

Auto Injury AccidentThis narrow focus allows me to have a complete understanding of the area of the law that governs automobile injuries.

When you become my client, you’ll receive my experience, knowledge and tenacity. I will never recommend an offer because it’s the most that an insurance company is willing to pay.

Many attorneys accept a first offer because they do not have experience as a trial attorney. I have successfully argued many cases in Arizona Superior Courts and have experience negotiating settlements. I will recommend the course of action that will give you the best possible result and I will stay with your case until it’s concluded.

You will have direct access to me throughout your case. After being retained, it’s not uncommon for clients to have no further access to their attorneys until there is a settlement. This is not the way that I practice law.

I choose to answer my own phones so that you talk with me when you call my office. The only time my paralegal answers the phone is when I am on the phone, in conference or out of the office. If you have to leave a message, then I will get back to you usually by the end of the following day.

If you are an accident victim who would like to receive just compensation for your injuries, call me at 602-395-0045 for a free consultation.