YOU are most important. I take your case personally. I discover what is unique about your personal injury case to obtain the best possible reward as quickly as possible. Yet, I never rush to settle your case—I take the time to work toward your best resolution and will keep you in communication with you throughout your case.

5 reasons I’m different than other personal injury lawyers:

  1. You can always get in contact with me—I choose to answer my own phones.
  2. If you want me to take your case to trial, I will because I’m an experienced trial attorney.
  3. Whether your case is small or large, I bring my 40 years of experience to represent you.
  4. Your picture is put into your file so my paralegal and I can see who we’re working for.
  5. When you are my client, I strive to make you feel valued whether we’re at the beginning or at the end of your case.

If you have been injured, don’t get injured again during settlement. Get Mike.

Don’t settle for an attorney that represents your bodily injury claim like it’s just one of many. My pledge is to always represent you as an individual and to the best of my ability.

Call me at 602-395-0045 for a free consultation if you are a victim of a vehicular, bicycle, motorcycle or truck accident.

Serious injury accident

If You Can’t Come To Me, I’ll Come To You

Contingency Based Law Practice

Until You Get Paid, I Work For Free

  • I work for you on a contingency basis. I charge no fee until I settle or win your case.

Lyding Personal Injury Law

We Don’t Leave Money On The Table

  • When I represent you I represent your best financial interest – and I don’t leave money on the table.

Accident Injury Testimonial

Mike’s a Teddy bear until he sees someone not getting a fair shake. Then he becomes a grizzly bear – a focused and calculating fighter. His moral center simply can’t stand the suffering of others. I’m glad to have him on my side.”

~ LM

We specialize in personal injury cases.

  • We specialize in the following kinds of personal injury cases:

Mike Lyding will pursue your personal injury case, fight for you, and will not leave money on the table.